5 Idea Drop updates you should know about

Here at Idea Drop, we’re committed to building the best innovation management tool in the world. One thing our customers and users keep telling us is that they love the pace at which we ship new features, improvements and updates across the platform. We never stop listening to your feedback, insight and reaction to the platform, and are relentlessly seeking to innovate internally too (using Idea Drop to capture these ideas and challenges, of course!).

Ollie Gower
by Ollie Gower
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Sometimes these improvements are to our core technology under the hood, but often they’re more visible. Today, we’re announcing a range of new features that have been rolled out globally across the platform.

New idea dropping flow

After a lot of research and extensive testing, we’re delighted to introduce extensive improvements to the process of dropping an idea, challenge or a bulletin into the main feed. The process of dropping an idea is now even more intuitive, takes less time and requires fewer clicks. It makes capturing, curating and implementing the best ideas from your people easier than ever.

Go ahead and try it – it takes only 3 clicks.

Idea cards have a new look

This update allows everyone to gather quick insights on your idea, bulletin or a challenge faster and without expanding the card. Here’s what’s new:

Live countdown timer on the challenge card.
We see far higher engagement to a challenge that has fixed end date, so we have created a way to further heighten that urgency by displaying a live countdown timer on the challenge card.

Categories are displayed on the card view.
Being able to see to what category is linked to idea quickly is very important to help gather ideas into smart, trackable groups – now this is visible on the unexpanded cards.

The Idea status is visible on the card view.
You can easily see which stage in the innovation process an idea has reached – or if its status has been changed, all from the card view.

You can now show your love for bulletins

Bulletins are a fast and simple way to share key information and updates to your Idea Drop community. They’re great for sharing the successes of an idea implemented, or a challenge solved, for instance. We’ve added a new feature that allows you to favourite bulletins and in this way let your community know that you appreciate their hard work.

Introducing Moderators

We are always working on ways how to make your innovation process easier and even more engaging for your community. You told us that posting challenges shouldn’t be limited just to administrators. We are introducing a new user role called ‘Moderator’.

This role enables you to edit and delete content, post challenges and bulletins. They don’t have access to settings though. This will be useful for our clients that have employees that moderate the content and need to post challenges or bulletins without giving them full rights to settings.

Major platform speed improvements

Our latest technical improvements under the hood of the platform will allow us to code, test and ship new features quicker and improve the speed and reliability of the platform. This also makes the interactions on the feed run quicker and smoother, improving our user experience.

We have extensive, major new updates to the platform on the way, including brand new features that will be shipping soon. Stay tuned to our blog and newsletter for the latest updates.

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts, feedback and ideas about anything we’re up to. Tweet us, chat with us, or email [email protected]

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