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Capture and action the best ideas from your people

Use the brightest ideas from your people to grow your business faster. Forget complex spreadsheets, dated intranets and long-winded annual surveys – Idea Drop is smart and intuitive idea management software.

Give your team a beautiful, lightweight experience that they’ll love. Idea Drop runs on web and native iOS.

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The old way

The new way

Capture the best ideas from everyone, everywhere.

Make it easier than ever for all your staff to share fresh insight, improvements and ideas about how to make your business better. Unearth your most candid employee feedback with optional cloaking that lets your teams hide their identity and use Idea Drop to kickstart positive cultural change.

Share your problems to find solutions faster.

Open up commercial or operational challenges to a wider group. Give guidance, set deadlines and offer up rewards. Then watch as solutions and ideas roll in from teams, departments and locations across your business.

Comment, share links and @mention other people...

I think we should introduce Net Promotor Scores to track how we're performing for clients.                                  I'd also like to see this stitched in as a KPI for performance-related bonuses and other factors team-wide.

Uncover, curate and execute brilliant ideas.

When you’re collecting 100s of ideas, manually ranking and reviewing each one is tedious. Idea Drop automatically bubbles up the best and most existing ideas, so they reach you faster to make a positive impact on your business.

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Make smarter business decisions with meaningful analytics.

Idea Drop’s powerful suite of analytics, reports and settings will help you to easily identify and implement the best ideas, discover the most innovative team members and customise the platform so it aligns perfectly with your business’s needs.

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