Leading idea management software

With Idea Drop, we’re reimagining the future of innovation management. Our mission is to make ideas more open, collaborative and transparent.

Idea Drop was founded in 2014. Back then, we ran a digital creative agency and became frustrated with the existing cloud-based tools on the market to capture, curate and action ideas from our team. We set off to create powerful idea software that would help organisations seamlessly integrate an innovation strategy into their workplace and effectively implement idea crowdsourcing from their staff. Backed by a team of great investors, we have built a lightweight, beautiful and intuitive tool that teams and businesses everywhere love.


Owen Hunnam
Co-Founder & CEO
Charlie de Rusett
Co-Founder & COO
Samantha Scott Business Operations
Ollie Gower Product Operations
Jonny Fisher Head of Sales
Jon Lapham Strategic Sales
Phuong Kieu Strategic Sales
Ashley Dyson Strategic Sales


Simon Cole
Andy Honess
Board member
Derrick Dale QC
Board member
Paul Pascoe
Board member

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