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Developing an agile innovation strategy

Ashley Dyson
by Ashley Dyson

Agile project management involves dividing tasks into short phases of work, or ‘sprints’, with continuous reassessment and adaptation of plans. Stemming from the word agile, meaning to move quickly and easily, it is no surprise that such a...

METRO Group – A Customer Success Story

Hugo Lakin
by Hugo Lakin

Idea Drop has rolled out across 4,500 employees in 19 METRO stores in Czech Republic & Slovakia. In just 12 weeks, they have already captured over 1,300 ideas from colleagues across the network of stores. Watch their CEO discuss how Idea D...

What can leaders do to improve employee engagement?

Jonny Fisher
by Jonny Fisher

“Employee engagement” can be thrown around as an HR buzzword without ever being meaningfully actioned, particularly when it comes to senior executives taking responsibility for their own people. After all, it’s one thing to express the d...

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