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Category: Business Leadership

How police forces can benefit from an idea management platform

Jonny Fisher
by Jonny Fisher

“The latest figures show that between September 2010 and September 2016 police workforce numbers in England and Wales fell by 18,991, or 13%, according to the Home Office. Overall police budgets, excluding counter-terrorism grants, fell by 2...

Creating an innovation culture through effective leadership

Jon Lapham
by Jon Lapham

Trying to build a strong innovation culture without effective leadership is like attempting to construct a building without the foundations. Solid leadership is key to a fruitful innovation output and must be carefully considered in order to m...

6 ways to create a collaborative workplace

Phuong Kieu
by Phuong Kieu

Gone are the days of a lone genius tapping away in the corner to generate the next big ideas and solutions. Nowadays, the focus is on team effort. There are a multitude of benefits to be reaped from a collaborative workplace, from greater empl...

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