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Category: Innovation Management

Developing an agile innovation strategy

Ashley Dyson
by Ashley Dyson

Agile project management involves dividing tasks into short phases of work, or ‘sprints’, with continuous reassessment and adaptation of plans. Stemming from the word agile, meaning to move quickly and easily, it is no surprise that such a...

How the generation shift is increasing the need for innovation

Ashley Dyson
by Ashley Dyson

Enter the millennials, a generation who have grown up with the world wide web from a young age and who consider time before the internet to be a dark and medieval era. Also known as Generation Z, these young people are characterised by their d...

How 3 companies used disruptive innovation to transform their industries

Jessie Moore
by Jessie Moore

Coined by Clayton M. Christensen, the term ‘disruptive innovation’ refers to a new entrant into a market who eventually disrupts and outperforms the established players. The process begins with a new company addressing a gap in the market,...

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