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Category: Technology

Interview with Jimmy Vestbirk: Law and Innovation

Ashley Dyson
by Ashley Dyson

How did you get involved in the legal sector? I was previously involved in the Online Dating industry, however, my business faced heavy disruption as a result of free dating apps entering the market. So I decided to look for new opportunities....

Why we chose the React Native framework

Mike Sirius
by Mike Sirius

Since the initial release, there has been a very steady growth of interest in the framework. According to Google search trends, the interest in React Native continues to climb, while interest in iOS and Android development is declining. Being ...

How artificial intelligence and innovation will interact

Jon Lapham
by Jon Lapham

The matter remains open for discussion but we are more interested in how the advent of AI will interact with innovation over the following months and years. “A.I. will replace up to 45 per cent of American jobs within 20 years.” Oxford Uni...

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