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Category: White Paper

White Paper: Senior Leadership’s role in the innovation process

Charlie de Rusett
by Charlie de Rusett

Research from Mckinsey & Co reveals that more than 70% of senior executives believe innovation will be one of the top three drivers for their business growth in the next 3-5 years. However, the same research also shows that 65% of leade...

White Paper: The 8 Pillars of Innovation

Owen Hunnam
by Owen Hunnam

Developing and implementing a successful innovation strategy is a challenging process, with various factors to consider and the need to onboard peers from across an organisation. In line with this, it is necessary to establish a structure th...

White Paper: A Guide to the Implementation of Idea Management Software

Charlie de Rusett
by Charlie de Rusett

You have done your research, chosen the software and are now ready to implement an exciting new idea management platform into your organisation. Taking the decision to boost your innovation output with such software is only the beginning of ...

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