Idea Drop wins 2017 Rising Star and User Experience Awards

Idea Drop was recently recognised by FinancesOnline – a trusted B2B directory that helps businesses to find the best B2B and finance solutions, compare products, read customer reviews and reports from experts.

Indre Kulakauskaite
by Indre Kulakauskaite
audience close up applause in awards ceremony

Idea Drop came out with flying colors – an 8.0 out of 10 score and a user satisfaction rating of 98% following the comprehensive review by FinancesOnline reviewers. They found our software to be a very intuitive idea management platform that easily enables businesses to collect ideas across the whole organisation and select the best ones that can improve products and services, create new offerings, and discover more profitable opportunities.

Reviewers noted how Idea Drop replaces complicated and timeconsuming spreadsheets, surveys and feedback tools with a powerful solution that gathers, curates as well as applies best ideas from employees and colleagues quickly and efficiently. These and other capabilities of our platform earned for it the 2017 Rising Star Award and 2017 Great User Experience Award for business process management software. These distinctions are conferred to new cuttingedge products that provide total usability and have gained traction with customers.

user experience award 2017 financesonlinerising star award 2017 financesonline

The overwhelming reception of both customers and industry experts validate the purpose for which Idea Drop was bornas a tool to help people unearth the best and brightest ideas which may just be out there with people you collaborate and communicate within your organisation. This facility was not lost on FinancesOnline which elevated us in its rankings as among the top 15 business process management software solutions.

You can find Idea Drop reviewed by FinancesOnline experts here. 

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