Share innovation challenges to find solutions faster.

Share commercial or operational challenges with a wider group. In a few clicks you can give guidance, set deadlines and offer up rewards. An effective method of encouraging corporate innovation, simply watch as the solutions and ideas roll in.

Launch a challenge anywhere.

Creating an innovation challenge is as fast and simple as dropping an idea. Describe it, enrich it with attachments or links and hit ‘create’. You’ll be gathering helpful ideas and input from your colleagues within minutes.

Choose who you invite.

If your business has multiple layers, teams and departments, Idea Drop handles this beautifully, allowing you to create unlimited sub-communities within your organisation.

Sometimes, your team won’t want to share everything with everyone. You can broadcast your ideas and innovation challenges to hand-picked individuals, selected teams and departments, or the entire organisation. You can control and select permissions and rights, ensuring sensitive information remains restricted to the right people and teams.

Broadcast it.

Enable your teams to stay in-tune with the innovation process with push notifications, customised email alerts and posts into the feed. Set and control the frequency and type of notifications.

Set prizes, rewards and deadlines.

To encourage a flow of great ideas faster, you can easily add rewards or prizes to your challenge and also set deadlines.

Character count.

It’s much harder to be succinct than to ramble. Encourage co-workers to be punchy with their posts and help a regular flow of concise ideas by limiting the character count for ideas from your dashboard.

"We deployed Idea Drop in 2015 across areas of our school. Now we rely on it to capture and collaborate on new ideas across the school on an ongoing basis. I can only imagine this software going from strength to strength as we continue to use it and it embeds fully in our way of life here at the school." - Graham Lawrie, Director of Innovation, Sevenoaks School