3 digital innovations to help transform your company

Could these radical digital innovations change the way you do business? Discover new strategies for creating efficiency and growth.

Aoife Duggan
by Aoife Duggan
digital innovations

Here at the Idea Drop blog, we dedicate a lot of time to helping you design powerful innovation systems that help your company think of game-changing ideas. Sometimes, though, it’s just simpler to bring you the ideas themselves.

These three digital innovations have transformed not only individual organisations but entire industries and markets. The way we think about our purchasing decisions, and the things we look for when we do business, have been permanently changed by innovative companies that used these innovative strategies to radically improve their services.

What’s more, each of the digital innovations below can be used to transform a huge variety of different business functions, from product delivery to marketing, development and sales. Explore the ideas below and think of ways that these digital innovations could be applied to your business.

Paper to data solutions

The NHS is one of the most paperwork-intensive organisations in the world. When people’s health is at stake, proper record keeping and data analysis could mean the difference between life and death. And, since it’s been around 1948, it has a lot of paper records. So many, in fact, that it employs 23 separate partner organisations to keep track of it all.

Using paper-to-data solutions to transfer all this physical data into digital storage is a difficult process. However, the benefits are astronomical, not just in terms of cost and time saved in managing physical data, but also the opportunities that digital data can bring. Today, the NHS is embarking on its mission to use AI to “transform the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases”.

How could digitised record keeping transform your organisation? Could you use AI to predict market gaps or customer service needs?

Digitised distribution

Platforms like Amazon have totally changed the way commerce happens across the globe. It made high-street shops virtually redundant overnight and enabled thousands of small businesses to reach new customers around the globe. However, the benefits of digitised distribution aren’t only limited to customer-facing products and services. Any asset can be made more available using digital technology, from marketing tools to infrastructure, both within your business and without.

For example, one of 2018’s most innovative companies, ServiceNow, built its business model around the digitisation of client IT infrastructure and licensing. What would your business look like if you could enable global access to your business’ most crucial assets? Could you find a way to distribute team skills and experience? What about ideas and innovation?

API service engineering

APIs are the transformative technology that has been quietly changing the face of the digital world. Whilst everyone has been raving about blockchain and AI, the world of application program interfaces has been working under the radar to enable all sorts of programs to communicate with each other and exchange data. Platforms like IFTTT and Zapier are the keys to tying these platforms together, giving you the chance to make your platforms interact.

Want to Tweet your friend every time you receive an email? How about create a spreadsheet record of your Skype calls? IFTTT can help you do that by connecting the APIs of each of these platforms together. However, things get even more interesting when you start adding internet of things technologies into the mix. The only limit to what you can achieve with these technologies is your own imagination.

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