Innovation insights from the masters of creativity: A look at Salvador Dali

Jamie Carmichael
by Jamie Carmichael

Creativity has nothing to do with inventing new things. It’s about blending existing ideas together to create something that feels new. In order to do this, we need to collect the pieces together to give us something to work with. If you...

Idea Drop rolls out an all-new innovation dashboard to measure and optimise your innovation initiatives

Oli Turner
by Oli Turner

Tracking and measuring the impact of your innovation programme can be challenging, especially when you need to do it with structure and at scale across your organisation. Our innovation dashboard has been entirely rethought and reworked based ...

Innovation Case Study: How one idea saved £2.5m within 4 weeks of Idea Drop’s roll-out

Charles Daniel
by Charles Daniel

Covea is a multinational insurance company that serves millions of global policyholders every year. Before Idea Drop, new ideas were centralised to one functional group and there was no scalable way to innovate across the business. The way id...

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