Understanding the innovation funnel

Hugo Lakin
by Hugo Lakin

When setting out on an important journey, it’s always useful to have a map. The same goes for your innovation journey; if you’re planning on building your own framework, you’ll need to know what a great solution looks like be...

3 digital innovations to help transform your company

Aoife Duggan
by Aoife Duggan

Here at the Idea Drop blog, we dedicate a lot of time to helping you design powerful innovation systems that help your company think of game-changing ideas. Sometimes, though, it’s just simpler to bring you the ideas themselves. These th...

4 tips on giving effective feedback on an idea

Charles Daniel
by Charles Daniel

Depending on your workplace culture, creative brainstorming can be a tricky affair. The mix of people you include affects the atmosphere of your office, as well as the results you get from the process. Engagement levels and personality clashes...

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