Innovation spotlight: Salesforce and its 1000 patents

Charlie de Rusett
by Charlie de Rusett

It’s quite something to be named within the top ten most innovative companies in the world by Forbes. It’s quite something else to be named within the top ten for eight years running. Salesforce has filed over 1000 technology paten...

Stakeholder engagement and innovation: finding the people to make your project a success

Natalia Kassim
by Natalia Kassim

Love it or hate it, stakeholder engagement is critical to your innovation efforts. It’s not just about keeping the right people happy – although that’s an integral part of the process. It’s also about keeping the right ...

5 principles of an innovative workspace

Owen Hunnam
by Owen Hunnam

We already know that a company that can’t innovate is a company on its way out. Creating a culture of innovation in your office, however, can be an elusive goal. There are so many elements to consider when creating an innovative workspac...

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