Is your business innovation strategy outdated?

Owen Hunnam
by Owen Hunnam

The Suggestion BoxThis box is where you go to store ideas, not act on them. As one of the oldest and most basic forms of market research, the suggestion box is flawed for one key reason: anonymity.The obscurity of the suggestion box was first ...

Innovation Insights with Roland Harwood from 100%Open

Owen Hunnam
by Owen Hunnam

We invited Roland for our first Innovation Insights video interview to find out more about open innovation and how enterprises can benefit from it. We also cover the main ways how to measure innovation, senior stakeholders’¬†role in the ...

The Top 5 Excuses That Prevent Disruptive Innovation

Jonny Fisher
by Jonny Fisher

While some businesses flourish off the back of a single great idea, others tend to prosper with a steady stream of good, fresh ideas. Innovation breeds innovation, which can ultimately result in long-term success. Of course, most businesses ar...

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