Category: Innovation Case Studies

Idea Drop has launched with global accountancy firm BDO

Hugo Lakin
by Hugo Lakin

Change is a perpetual feature of the business landscape. As technologies evolve, market needs shift and make way for new business models, products and services. Whilst some companies grow and even thrive on business change, others fall behind ...

Eversheds Sutherland launches Idea Drop worldwide

Jonny Fisher
by Jonny Fisher

Innovation is a global business need, no matter your industry or market. As the world’s business climate becomes increasingly competitive, organizations in a huge range of industries are looking for brand-new solutions to emerging proble...

Innovation Case Study: How one idea saved £2.5m within 4 weeks of Idea Drop’s roll-out

Charlie de Rusett
by Charlie de Rusett

Covea is a multinational insurance company that serves millions of global policyholders every year. Before Idea Drop, new ideas were centralised to one functional group and there was no scalable way to innovate across the business. The way id...

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