Category: Innovation Management

The best communication channels for change management

Hugo Lakin
by Hugo Lakin

Idea Drop’s Innovation Breakfast events series is continuing in July in partnership with the Post Office. With almost 12,000 branches around the country and several hundred years of change and innovation, the Post Office has learned a th...

Breaking barriers: how to find the expertise for your innovation project

Aoife Duggan
by Aoife Duggan

In the 1480s, Leonardo Da Vinci invented the helicopter. Or, at least, he drew a picture of one. It wasn’t until the 1920s that a real helicopter actually took flight, and even then it could only stay in the air for a maximum of ten minu...

The top 7 skills you need as an innovation leader

Joe Brindle
by Joe Brindle

In May, we’re excited to be holding an¬†innovation breakfast event alongside PwC at their offices in London. As consultants advising the world’s businesses on technology and innovation, PwC knows what it takes to become a great inn...

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