Category: Innovation Management

Top 5 biggest corporate innovation challenges facing managers

Natalia Kassim
by Natalia Kassim

Innovation managers undertake a serious responsibility. We already know that businesses that fail to innovate will eventually become redundant. Not only do you have to make sure that doesn’t happen, but you have to convince everybody els...

Innovation in law starts with a good innovation management process

Dan Marcus
by Dan Marcus

Often, the first task of these incoming professionals is to develop and implement an innovation management process. This is no small task. This article explores some aspects of innovation management processes that are repeatedly visited in my ...

Collective Intelligence is the Secret to Successful Business Innovation

Charles Daniel
by Charles Daniel

While this memorable idiom may offer a nugget of useful advice for teams who tend towards overworking a single issue (symptom include: endless meetings, ill-defined roles and a top heavy power-structure), it does little to describe the value a...

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