Category: Innovation Management

7 effective steps to securing a stakeholder buy-in

Owen Hunnam
by Owen Hunnam

When we talk about innovation, catch phrases like “fall forwards” and “fail fast” get thrown around to nods of agreement in the boardroom. When it comes to taking real risks with ideas, however, directors often talk a m...

A Short Guide To Evaluating Innovative Ideas

Charlie de Rusett
by Charlie de Rusett

Between the initial brainstorm and the final rollout, it’s vital that your entire team understands what makes an idea useful, valuable and effective, so you can all decide where to focus your energy for maximum impact. While the evaluation p...

What The Blue Light Sector Can Teach Us About Innovation

Jonny Fisher
by Jonny Fisher

By using idea management software, blue light services are now able to track exactly how they collect and implement hundreds of money and time-saving ideas each year. Whatever your business or industry, here are a few key learnings about innov...

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