Innovation Breakfast: From Flash to Bang

6th March

Date and time

Wednesday 6th March, 2019

8:30 - 12:00


  • DWF London
  • 20 Fenchurch Street
  • London
  • EC3M 3AG

We run and attend conferences and events all the time so why not try and shake things up a little? We no longer want to just stand on stage and talk about all the things we can or should do. We want to show you, teach you and immerse you in the how… not just the why?

This breakfast session, which will be facilitated by Idea Drop’s founder Charlie de Rusett & DWF’s Jason Dunning, will look to take you from flash to bang – from challenge to idea management.

Come and join us at this interactive workshop and generate fresh know-how from our team of specialists and walk away from our session with an experience, not just a message. This workshop is going to enhance your creative thinking and will improve your problem-solving skills.

During this workshop, we are going to help you solve complex business issues and challenges by building models using LEGO bricks. First, we are going to set the challenges that are unique to your business. Then we will get our hands on the LEGO blocks and build the representations of these challenges. The final stage is dedicated to sharing stories, insights, metaphors and also actively listening to others.

Key take-aways from the workshop:

  • Understand how to effectively identify your problems
  • Learn how to solve them in creative new and novel ways
  • Gain insight into how to manage them effectively – in a way that works – in order to truly drive innovation.
  • Enhance your creative thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Brainstorm and bring new actionable solutions to solve real business challenges


08:30 – Registration & breakfast

09:00 – Opening remarks by Jason Dunning

09:15 – Presentation by Idea Drop

09:45 – Creative problem-solving workshop: From Flash to Bang

12:00 – Networking & close


  • Jason Dunning
    DWF Consulting

Jason Dunning is a Co-founder of DWF Consulting, which provides both legal and non-legal clients with specialist, business transformation services, setting DWF apart from all other law firms. He heads the Innovation practice area, which supports clients to tackle complex and strategic business challenges using cutting edge creativity techniques, helping businesses to explore new and exciting opportunities in their own business.

Jason is a regular speaker at Idea Drop’s events. Here is a snippet from the Blue Light Innovation Summit 2018 where he delivered a presentation and a workshop on ‘The Strategic Role of Creativity’.



  • Charlie de Rusett
    Idea Drop

Charlie de Rusett is a serial entrepreneur, currently a founder of Idea Drop – idea management software that allows organisations to harness the collective brainpower of their stakeholders, solve business challenges faster, increase collaboration and employee engagement, analyse the results and action only the most impactful ideas.