Breaking barriers: how to find the expertise for your innovation project

This series focuses on beating the innovation challenges you'll face on your journey to success. This week, we take a look at the best ways to find the right expertise for your innovation project.

Aoife Duggan
by Aoife Duggan
innovation expertise

In the 1480s, Leonardo Da Vinci invented the helicopter. Or, at least, he drew a picture of one. It wasn’t until the 1920s that a real helicopter actually took flight, and even then it could only stay in the air for a maximum of ten minutes. Even though the working principles behind the Maestro’s idea was sound, it took hundreds of years of expertise and experimentation to get his innovation project off the ground.

There’s an important lesson here; no matter how great your idea is, you still need both the experts and the technology around you to make it happen. Even a genius like Da Vinci couldn’t build his helicopter without generations of experts in metalwork, engineering and physics to build the necessary components.

If you want to make your innovation project a success, it’s a matter of plain fact that you’re going to need subject matter experts around you to make it happen. Here’s how you can find them.

Speak to the higher ups

If you’re hoping to launch your idea, you’ll be holding conversations with decision makers to get their sign off. Before you do, make sure you know what technical expertise you’re going to need to make it a reality. Top-level executives (should) have a deep knowledge of the skills available within the company and can connect you with the right people. Make it a priority to have that conversation.


There are tonnes of benefits to making your innovation project more visible. One of the biggest is that you’re likely to pique the interest of subject-matter experts who can offer their support to your cause. If you have an internal comms department, make sure you contact them to help you get the message out. Otherwise, consider the channels your company usually uses to communicate internally, such as newsletters, social media posts, and meetings.

Use a digital platform

If there’s one thing computers are good for – it’s storing information. Internal innovation platforms can help your company index and search for expertise so you’ll never have to rely on word of mouth to find the right fit. That’s precisely why we built in social functionality to the Idea Drop platform. Search for employee profiles by their skill sets and connect with them no matter where they are in the world.

Talk to HR

Remember that your organisation is not a closed system. Even if experts aren’t available within the company, you may be able to hire for a new position or simply bring in a freelancer to help you. Your human resources department is the perfect stop to find out what options are available. They may even be able to point you to individuals with hidden skills. Make sure you contact them.

Consider consultancy

If your innovation project is extremely technical and there’s a lot riding on it, a consultancy could be a wise investment to help you make it a success. A good partner can help you with expert consulting, project management, problem-solving and much more.

If you’d like to know more about how Idea Drop can help you track and search the various skill sets in your company, please do get in touch with us using the chat box below. We’re always on hand to answer your queries.

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