Idea Drop rolls out an all-new innovation dashboard to measure and optimise your innovation initiatives

We’re announcing the launch of an all-new innovation dashboard that has been completely reworked from the ground up to transform the way you measure, optimise and implement your innovation initiatives.

Oli Turner
by Oli Turner

Tracking and measuring the impact of your innovation programme can be challenging, especially when you need to do it with structure and at scale across your organisation. Our innovation dashboard has been entirely rethought and reworked based on deep insight from our global enterprise clients. This now provides instant, real-time visibility of key stats and metrics to empower innovation managers to set measurable goals for every initiative and put data at the heart of your strategy.

Let’s unpack some of the metrics and tools that feature in the all-new dashboard…

Innovation platform usage – get a 360° view

Platform usage widgets give you insight into how the platform is being used and who are the most active users. These metrics will help you to identify activities and strategies on how to improve the engagement and improve your innovation culture. It also allows you to more easily run reward and recognition programmes or stitch innovation into individual performance reviews, for instance.

Analyse the best performing ideas

Analyse the number of ideas by group or by category and quickly identify the most active team within your organisation. Learn about how ideas are progressing through stages or innovation gates and define tactics on how to improve and encourage innovation across all areas of your business.

Analyse challenges

Challenges are at the heart of the Idea Drop platform. Our innovation dashboard lets you analyse challenges in greater detail than ever before. You can view the number of ideas submitted against each of them, together with how ideas are progressing and the volume of interactions. This helps you identify the types of challenges that have performed best and inform and shape the future challenges you post.

In line with our commitment to build the world’s best idea management platform, we are constantly shipping updates, new features and improvements across the platform. We’d love to know your thoughts and reaction to this new feature, and ideas on what reports or new widgets you’d like to see in the future too. Email, chat with us live today or request a demo to see innovation dashboard in action.

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