Idea Drop launches Pipeline, a new feature to help you visualise, progress and action ideas faster

To optimise innovation, teams and organisations need to strike a balance between creativity and strategic thinking. In line with our commitment to building the world's best innovation management platform, we're announcing the release of a new feature, Pipeline, to make the structured progression and implementation of ideas simpler than ever before.

Oli Turner
by Oli Turner
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Based on ongoing user and client feedback, we are continually updating our platform with new improvements, features and releases, to help you reach your innovation goals faster and more efficiently.

Pipeline –  another home for your ideas

Pipeline is one of our biggest new feature releases this year. It is a completely new end-to-end project management and workflow feature that is now rolling out across the Idea Drop platform globally.

Pipeline gives a deep, visual insight into the progression of ideas via a Kanban-style board, and allows innovation teams to focus on the flow of the ideas, optimise the innovation process and result drive continuous improvement.

The Kanban Board project management approach is not a new one (it first emerged in the 1940s in Toyota’s manufacturing process) and has been validated to work and be successful in any organisation and across different industries like manufacturing, software development, HR management and so on. This workflow visualisation method allows teams to easily communicate progress that has been made, and quickly identify issues and statuses of the actions.

Pipeline gives a broad 360º overview of your innovation pipeline.

  • Easily track ideas in each stage and see how they are progressing.

This helps you to easily spot bottlenecks, see the volume of ideas in different stages at any time, and take action to move them forward.

  • Get a full overview of every idea.

You can also dig deeper by opening each card and viewing the full description on the expanded card view.

  • Keep everyone updated.

Access a full status history of each idea. Have a deeper insight into who, when and why an idea has moved to the next stage.

  • Automate idea management.

Simply drag and drop an idea card to another innovation status lane and leave a comment as to the reason why. This closes the feedback loop and is highly empowering to the idea author.

  • Filter ideas.

Make it easier for different teams to see only the relevant ideas for them by filtering the pipe. It is as easy to filter ideas by categories and groups, hashtags and dates as it is on Idea Drop’s main feed filters.

Pipeline is now available for everyone on desktop. Interested to see it in action? Request a Demo Today!

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