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Partner with us for an Implementation

Our expert team of product, innovation and customer success specialists will help you drive collaboration and increase measurable business value across your organisation.

  • Planning

  • Execution

  • Engagement

  • Support

  • Rollout

A proven process that works

Our implementation process is a fusion of best-in-class technology, thought leadership and hands-on consultation, we’ll take you through a highly focused and proven programme of activity throughout the launch of implementing innovation management technology within your organisation which is designed to accelerate engagement and success

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Idea Drop use the initial implementation launch to build excitement and create bespoke best practice guides to ensure you drive organisational engagement and culture shift. We take all the learnings from the initial launch and use these to refine and tailor your organisational continued roll out plan ensuring the best possible implementation.

Full project planning and timeline creation

Idea Drop will work in partnership with you to agree the key milestones, measurables and outcomes. Broadly, these will be based on the key titles included in this minisite, although not all clients require every stage to be executed. We’ll work with you to plan and execute the implementation launch to deliver maximum value.

Identify Your Key Business Objectives

We’ll work with you to extract and understand the key commercial drivers of the launch, ahead of the execution. We work on a consultative approach in which we seek to understand your key strategic and operational goals, so that we can align the technology solution to helping you achieve these goals.

Shaping and defining critical success factors (CSF)

Idea Drop will work with you to agree the structure of the CSFs of the launch, against which success will be measured. These typically include factors such as user engagement metrics, collaboration stats, ideation metrics and user survey results.

CSFs will typically look like this:

  • User metrics.
    Number of active users.
  • Collaboration metrics.
    Such as volume of comments, favourites, ratings, idea views, mobile app opens and so on. We track 100s of data points to help you measure every level of engagement.
  • Ideation metrics.
    Such as volume of ideas submitted, number of ideas passed to a particular phase or status.
  • User survey results.
    Reviewing the scores of key survey questions sent via a Typeform digital survey – a mixture of qualitative and quantitate set of data.
Identify User Groups

We’ll help you identify the volume and structure of the user group, to align with your critical success factors and key strategic goals. These users may include a cross-section from different teams, locations or divisions or there could be a focus on a specific team, for instance.

Set up of and configuration of core infrastructure and platform

Configuration by Idea Drop team of groups, bespoke statuses, categories and advice on launch challenges prior to user roll-out.

Idea Drop to provide inside community facilitator

Idea Drop’s customer success facilitator to have access to your Idea Drop community to welcome users, post encouraging comments on ideas, provide technical help where needed and encourage users to use the software to its full potential, such as favourite, rate and comment on ideas and also push for collaboration by ensuring the users know about our @mention tags, and other key features.

Internal communications plan – planning and execution

Advice and hands-on implementation of the execution of a compelling multi-channel internal comms plan, including elements such as launch email copywriting, print-based material, advice on supporting video content, help guides, intranet articles and face-to-face presentations with supporting decks.

Example client videos:

Our help centre is a one-stop help resource of the most commonly asked questions:

The help centre also includes a suite of handy videos guide to support and help you every step of the way:

Pre-launch Group – Senior Stakeholders

Idea Drop will have 1-2-1 sessions with senior stakeholders and project owners to understand what your goals are by extracting a key challenge which would be populated within the system during the implementation of Idea Drop. This would be in addition to the ongoing challenges, questions and problems shared by your community.

Above: The Idea Drop & Met Police team at our live launch experience for the Met Police, in May 2017 at New Scotland Yard, London

Delivery of live kick-off webinar

Our team will host and lead a kick off webinar to showcase the tools, features and overarching benefits of the Idea Drop platform to your colleagues, to ensure they see the power and purpose of the tool and wider initiative from the very outset. It is a screen share-led demo, co-presented with you, combined with ongoing Q&A. The session would have a strong focus on the bespoke desired outcomes, including endorsing and promoting the agreed challenges and deliverables of the project. We’ll share the slide deck and recording with you following the session to share internally.

Delivery of Innovation best practice workshop

Idea Drop will run an innovation workshop on the ‘8 Key Pillars of Innovation’ which focuses on innovation best practice and shifting organisational culture. Further workshops are available on request in conjunction with one of our consultancy partners, such as 100%Open.  

Typically 1 x 90 minute workshop included – delivered onsite or remotely.

Top tips webinar

Our data, product and success team would study use of the platform over the 7-14 days, to understand what features are being used in order to run a top tips webinar, which would be bespoke based on the user data.

Ongoing analytics and reports

Creation of a monthly stats report, and face-to-face presentation to key stakeholders if required. We track hundreds of data points to give you a rich data-led report.

Planning, sending and analysis of user survey

We’ll prepare and send an Idea Drop survey to gather feedback after 1 month of launch, areas of improvement and successes. We manage this entire process and also give you an export of the data.

Debrief meeting to measure the success of the POC against original objectives

In this session, we’ll review headline statistics, engagement and analytics, in addition to a summary of the key ideas with potential business value, and agree next steps to wider implementation and rollout.

Additional IT and technical integration support

We are also able to partner with your internal IT teams to manage and implement ways to better integrate with your internal systems to reduce user friction and increase engagement.

These can include measures such as:

  • Creation of home-screen/desktop icon so login is fast and prominent for all users
  • Implementation of SSO/AD/SAML integration to have a frictionless login and sign-up experience – they would log in with their existing login credentials
  • Explore the potential of a self-serve user model – ie. any user with a your company email address can automatically self-initiate joining your Idea Drop community
  • Integrate key metrics and stats to flow into your third-party intranet

Agreeing Critical
Success Factors

As part of the initial launch process, we will agree the critical success factors.

Critical success factors will typically look like this:

User metrics

Number of active users over a period of time, including detailed cohort analysis across multiple segments.

Collaboration metrics

Volume of comments, favourites, ratings, idea views, mobile app opens and so on. We track 100s of data points to help you measure every level of engagement.

Ideation metrics

Such as volume of ideas submitted, number of ideas passed to a particular phase or status.

User survey results

Reviewing the scores of key survey questions sent via a Typeform digital survey at the end of the first month.

Typical sequence of events
and next steps

  1. Agree and finalise the stages and order of the programme of activity
  2. Agree on the Critical Success Factors
  3. Receive budget approval
  4. Both parties to sign the contract agreement
  5. We'll partner with your internal comms teams to ensure the software is supported with a compelling multi-channel marketing strategy
  6. Kick off via Idea Drop workshops, live experiences and events
  7. Send out invitations – either via SSO or email links
  8. Idea Drop to provide ongoing user support, including a top-tip webinar and inside community management
  9. Preparation, sending and collation of user survey – report back to management

To discover more about how we can partner with you to prove, implement and embed your innovation management programme, contact our dedicated team of innovation experts.

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