Idea Management Software that your team will love

Idea Drop helps you harness the collective intelligence of your employees to solve business challenges faster.

Share business challenges to find solutions faster

Drive top-down innovation and continuous improvement by sharing commercial or strategic challenges with a specific group or your whole organisation. Set deadlines, offer rewards and watch the ideas roll in.

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Capture ideas from everyone, everywhere

Facilitate bottom-up innovation and employee engagement by providing your colleagues with a stunning, fast and intuitive idea management platform. Idea Drop runs on web and native iOS and Android mobile apps.

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Collaborate, enrich and curate ideas

Let us do the heavy lifting and cut through the noise to deliver you the most promising ideas that can make a difference to your business. We track every action and automatically rank, score and prioritise ideas for you.

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Analyse results and action ideas

In-built tools align with your bespoke workflow to take ideas through a structured process from ideation to implementation. Close the feedback loop with status updates, bulletins and keep everyone in tune with real-time notifications. Out-of-the-box gamification and unique scores help you measure the individual contribution to your innovation programme.

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Visualise and progress ideas with Pipeline

Take ideas through a structured process from ideation to implementation and get a visual insight into the progression of ideas via Pipeline. Focus on the flow of the ideas, optimise the process and drive continuous improvement in your organisation.

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Idea Drop is an excellent tool which allows us to engage with our staff at every level and provide them with effective feedback.


Idea Drop is the best tool on the market. It empowers collaboration.


Idea Drop immediately broke down the barriers to sharing ideas across our global business. It is such an easy way for colleagues to express their views and insight.


Idea Drop is intuitive, removes hierarchical barriers, and makes it faster to get help and support across the business.


Our complete list of features

  • Share challenges with specific teams, divisions, countries or individuals
  • Offer rewards and set deadlines for challenges
  • Capture and crowdsource ideas
  • Cloak your identity for anonymity. Then uncloak later optionally
  • Favourite, rate and comment on ideas
  • Send email reminders to participate in challenges
  • Automatically rank ideas with a help of our algorithm
  • Enrich ideas by adding attachments and embedding videos
  • Use smart search to filter your feed with multiple filters
  • Keep a track of monthly innovation leaderboard
  • Share successes via bulletins
  • Discover and monitor trending hashtags within your organisation
  • Use advanced reports and analytics to measure ROI and cost benefit analysis
  •  Never miss an update with live notifications and email alerts
  • Stay connected everywhere you go – Idea Drop runs on native iOS & Android Mobile apps
  • Scroll through an activity dashboard and analyse results
  • Track ideas and their statuses
  • Follow particular users and get notified about their activity
  • Learn from the best practices of using Idea Drop
  • Seamlessly integrate with SSO/SAML and AD integration
  • Archive ideas for later
  • Assign different evaluators for different evaluation stages
  • Easily export and import data, ideas & challenges
  • Assign different owners to different ideas
  • Moderate ideas and track their evaluation process
  • Customise evaluation stages and associate different criteria
  • Automatically spot duplicate ideas with intelligent duplicate check
  • Use smart search to mine your knowledge base of data

You are not alone.
Partner with us for implementation

Our implementation process is a fusion of best-in-class technology, thought leadership and hands-on consultation. We’ll take you through a proven programme of activity throughout the launch of implementing innovation management technology within your organisation which is designed to accelerate engagement and ensure long-term success.

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