Capture the brightest ideas from everyone, everywhere.

Idea Drop makes the process of capturing ideas effortless. It has never been easier for your employees to share fresh insight, improvements and ideas about your business, whatever they’re doing and wherever they are. Get ready to uncover your most honest feedback with optional cloaking that lets your staff conceal their identity.

Capture brilliant ideas from anywhere.

Idea Drop runs on web and native iOS mobile. All wrapped in a stunning, lightweight experience that your team will love.


Drop an idea on the train


Gather insight and ideas from across teams, departments and offices globally.

Bring your entire business into a central innovation flow, engaging everyone from front-line staff to C-Level execs.

Reveal the truth with idea cloaking.

A top-down organisation structure can result in fear and intimidation, preventing people from sharing their best ideas. In an exciting twist, let your teams hit a ‘cloak’ button when dropping an idea, to hide their identity. When the idea gains traction and interaction, they can hit uncloak. It’s addictive.

A simple, beautiful experience that your team will love.

The social tools your team already know and love are baked into Idea Drop, so they’ll be onboard and engaged from day one. @mentions, link sharing, comments, #hashtags, attachments and favourites make sharing and collaborating on ideas lightweight and fun.

Goodbye to idea theft.

50% of employees claim ideas are stolen by co-workers and 1 in 5 managers admit to stealing ideas from their staff. Your staff will feel more empowered and rewarded when they know that an idea will always be their idea.

Idea Drop is intuitive, removes hierarchical barriers, and makes it faster to get help and support across the business. We’ll continue to deploy it globally over a larger number of colleagues. It’s a good fit for Lear and does exactly what we need it to do. - Darren Legh, Director Global Lean Engineering, Lear Corporation