Uncover, curate and execute brilliant ideas.

Idea Drop takes care of the hard work associated with collaborative innovation by automatically ranking and scoring every idea in real-time based on smart social signals from your community. The result? We cut through the clutter to continuously deliver you the most promising ideas that can really impact your business.

Track trending topics with #hashtags.

Reveal what’s hot across your team or organisation with intelligent hashtags that can be filtered and reported. See live trending idea and challenge topics on your home feed too.

Analyse, filter and export.

With in-built smart filtering tools, you can quickly track, monitor and review the ideas your team are posting and start responding and implementing them right away.

Cut and slice the data to uncover trends, reveal what matters to them and make quicker, data-driven decisions. Data junkie? Pull it out a report into a .csv to crunch it, print it or share it offline.

Get a 360º perspective on every idea.

Through lightweight, intuitive social actions like @mentions, comments, favourites and link sharing, colleagues across your business can quickly collaborate. Social collaboration will help you to gauge and measure the potential impact of different ideas.

Automatically bubble up the best ideas.

By tracking the actions of every user, Idea Drop intelligently and automatically ranks, scores and prioritises every idea, always showing you those that have the greatest level of social validation. Through collaborative innovation and crowdsourcing collective sentiment, it is easier to see which ideas are most likely to deliver a fast, high-speed impact on P&L.

Profiles and innovation scores.

Enable your teams to connect, share and showcase with colleagues – great for teams in different offices or locations. Measure the contribution of each team member with an innovation score – an aggregated, weekly-updating metric based on their participation within the platform. You can even create innovation-based KPIs from the scores.

Idea Drop is intuitive, removes hierarchical barriers, and makes it faster to get help and support across the business. We’ll continue to deploy it globally over a larger number of colleagues. It’s a good fit for Lear and does exactly what we need it to do. - Darren Legh, Director Global Lean Engineering, Lear Corporation