White Paper: A Guide to the Implementation of Idea Management Software

Charlie de Rusett
by Charlie de Rusett

You have done your research, chosen the software and are now ready to implement an exciting new idea management platform into your organisation. Taking the decision to boost your innovation output with such software is only the beginning of your ideation journey. The next big challenge is to integrate it seamlessly into the very foundations of your business. Rather than a shiny new toy that fizzles out after a few months, an idea management platform needs to become part of the glue that binds your organisation together.

Drawing on extensive direct client insight, research and experience, this Idea Drop white paper explores and outlines the key considerations when implementing new idea management software. Packed with tips, tricks, cheat sheets, stats, case studies and best practice, you’ll find it an invaluable resource as you plan, roll out and review your new innovation management platform.

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