Yellowball – A Customer Success Story

"Idea Drop helps empower employees and unify a team around specific goals". Learn more about why Yellowball chose Idea Drop.

by Samantha Scott

Yellowball is an award-winning creative agency based in Kent and operating across London and the Southeast. Working across a range of sectors, their team of creative consultants work with a variety of market-leading brands. From design and publishing to social media and SEO, Yellowball cover the entire marketing spectrum.

The Problem

Although a relatively small company, Yellowball were struggling to find an effective way of documenting and actioning ideas from internal meetings for their client accounts. Google documents and emails, whilst useful, were not as effective at storing and curating these ideas.

Yellowball needed a system by which ideas could not only be stored and assigned a value but a platform upon which all team members could collaborate around each individual idea and account. It was important that the system provided more than a platform upon which ideas could be stored; it had to offer additional benefits that would result in more developed actionable ideas.

Simon Ensor, MD, Yellowball
Simon Ensor, MD, Yellowball

Idea Drop Integration

Implementing new software into a business’ technology stack can often be a daunting process. The collaborative nature of Idea Drop meant that it was far easier to integrate and far better adopted that other types of platforms.

“Idea Drop helps empower employees and unify a team around specific goals. The team enjoy being able to contribute ideas knowing that successfully implemented ideas contribute significantly to their individual job roles as well as the success of client’s accounts.” – Simon Ensor, Managing Director

Idea Drop has helped the Yellowball team to facilitate continual improvement in their ability to provide clients with a consultative approach. Now they can deliver creativity not only within the projects they have been assigned to but can also generate wider reaching ideas for clients. As a result, the team can provide their clients with a more rounded and comprehensive experience that far exceeds expectations.

Yellowball team meeting

Successful Idea Implementation

For Yellowball, the challenges feature has proved exceptionally useful, allowing management to focus the team on crucial areas where quality ideas will have the most impact.

“The ability to set challenges has enabled us to utilise the entire team to identify key solutions, in turn helping us achieve key strategic objectives in a shorter timeframe.” – Simon Ensor, Managing Director

Yellowball have seen various ideas come to fruition and realise successful implementation. For example, a number of ideas have been implemented which have improved their ability to educate the client throughout the sales process and subsequently deliver a smoother project workflow. These have included the creation and reworking of standardised project documentation which allows full clarity on common pain points.

Jessie Moore and Lizzie Ayton from Yellowball

“What might be considered smaller pieces of innovation can often have a far reaching impact and be the catalyst for further improvement.” – Simon Ensor, Managing Director

Idea Drop has been a perfect fit for Yellowball but they insist that it can be highly valuable to a wide variety of businesses, not just creative agencies or tech companies. Innovation is not exclusive to sweeping company-wide change – as Simon explained, “we have seen considerable results from incremental changes within specific processes and teams”. Idea Drop has become a crucial component of the Yellowball technology stack and has made a real positive impact on the business.

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